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Does your physician use CPN Telephone Nurse Triage?

Children's Physician Network (CPN) Telephone Nurse Triage Service was created in December 1996 to provide after-hours pediatric telephone care to the patients of CPN affiliate clinics.  Since then, CPN Telephone Nurse Triage has expanded to provide services to a variety of pediatric, family practice and specialty clinics throughout the United States.  By calling your clinic after hours, if your clinic uses this service, you will be able to talk about your child’s medical situation with a registered nurse.

Benefits of this service include minimization of unnecessary use of hospital emergency departments, as well as more rapid assessment and intervention of in case of serious illnesses.  Any day, any time, you can call your physician’s office for information and medical care.

When selecting your pediatrician, ask “Does your office use CPN Telephone Nurse Triage?”