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Infant Massage Classes


Infant massage is an age-old technique utilizing touch and specific strokes that was brought into the mainstream in the 1970’s.  The focus of massage is to provide nurturing touch and communication for parents and their infants.  Studies have shown that infant massage techniques benefits include: stimulation of all physiological systems, improved sleep patterns, relaxation for infant and parent, relief of discomfort from reflux, teething and tummy complaints as well as promotion of interaction, and bonding with parent. 

The Infant Massage Classes are designed for infants from birth to crawling age range.   The class is scheduled as a one time teaching session.  The classes are held at Children’s Minnetonka two times per month.  There are evening and daytime classes to accommodate family schedules.  The techniques are taught by Kara Quist, pediatric physical therapist.  Kara has been certified in infant massage for 10 years.   The charge to the family is $30.00 for the class.   This fee includes handouts, instruction and grape seed oil sample.

These Infant Massage Classes are an excellent resource for families who have infants with Torticollis, reflux, feeding difficulties, delay in motor skills and prematurity as well as for infants who don’t have special needs.  Infant massage has physiological and psychological benefits for babies and their caregivers.

Please contact Kara Quist, PT at (952) 930-8671 for more information or to register for upcoming sessions.